Europe’s current situation should be a cause for concern.

In only 3 years [2010-13] approval of the EU from nations such as Greece and Spain have halved. It’s a bit of a sombre way to start an article but hey, I didn’t come up with these figures. It’s the world we live in.

Only a few months ago in the Greek Elections, Golden Dawn, a Neo Nazi party, won over 6% of the vote, and with the Communist Party making steady gains as well, this reflects a much larger and worrying trend that is currently taking place in Europe. Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism are rising, and as economic security among some EU states are all but stable, this has led to a rise in support for radicalism both for the left and right, most notably in the form of Syriza [Greece] and Podemos [Spain] on the far left, and the National Front [France] on the far right. Traditionally, this hasn’t been good, and there is nothing to suggest that it’s going to be good this time either.

It sure seems like some people don’t like hijabs.

By no means do I advocate a more federalised Europe. I don’t think that would work. The fears people have that this may happen are already becoming clear in the UK where the incumbent Conservative party plans on scrapping the Human Rights act and replacing it with a British Bill of Rights. Nations should have autonomy and preserve national identity.  A radically reformed EU that does not decisively compromise the sovereignty of its members seems to be the pragmatic solution. And one I hope materialises, because the free movement of peoples and diversity in Europe is what I feel really is something people should be proud. I hope there’s a compulsion among politicians in Europe to negotiate and broker a continued membership because I feel that the disintegration of the EU broadly speaking will result in the collapse cordial relations with other nations. Surely this can be averted while continuing to stay in the Union?

Love it or loathe it, the EU is at serious risk of crumbling and this will further be accentuated if the UK vote to leave in the 2017 referendum. These are exciting yet chaotic times in the world of European Politics.

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  1. Do you feel that the rising wave of nationalism in the UK, particularly with the rise of UKIP (who won upwards of 4 million votes this general election), pressured the Conservatives to move further right than usual and promise an EU referendum as a desperate attempt to hold on to voters disillusioned with the EU who might jump wagons to vote UKIP? Also, do you think general ignorance about the benefits of the EU as well as the downsides of the EU may lead to an uninformed popular vote in 2017 leading Britain to leave the EU, which could result in a catastrophic diminishing of its power on the world stage?

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    1. Adi says:

      I definitely feel that because the Conservatives hold a slender majority, the big issue they’ll face is keeping right-wing hardliners in their own party on a leash. I feel that people will be misinformed and misled and this’ll only be exacerbated if we give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote as well. I don’t think it’s too bad if we leave the EU. We could mitigate damage by adopting the Norwegian model whereby we are not a part of the EU but remain in the EEA (European Economic Area) so we aren’t bound by EU laws but still get our fair share in business done. That sounds great on paper but I doubt Cameron will be able to negotiate that kind of exit. We’ll see. I definitely think a Brexit is not going to be great on the whole though.

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  2. Mai says:

    lol i have no clue what u guys are on about just go on cat websites or something lmao


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