A Pakistani’s views on Donald Trump

In the past few months, one man has very suddenly risen to political power inside the United States of America.

Donald Trump.

The billionaire, known for a comical hairstyle, a desire to make ‘America great again’, is a man panned by the entire world except for the United States where he, unfortunately for us Muslims, is currently the leading nominee for the Republican party.  He is infamous for his outspoken views on Mexico, the Muslim World, and his often radical solutions to issues that they have, according to him, brought to the United States of America.

As an educated Pakistani Muslim, I am deeply, deeply offended by his wild claims which insult all Muslims throughout the world.

I believe Islam to be united throughout the world. Thus, when a politician such as Donald Trump insults American Muslims, let alone the millions of Muslims suffering in the Middle-East because of the war on terror, I strongly feel a need to act and address the baseless accusations sent towards the Muslims by this man. Donald Trump has also attacked my nation verbally, so I feel a need to comment on this accusation.

Before I address this claim, however, I would like to say that I am an individual who hates not the citizens of any country, but the tyrannical governments leading those countries and manipulating the people using the media and press.

With that out of the way, I would like to ask this question – which country is the one that invaded an entire region after a single attack?

That’s right, it is the United States.

Pakistan has been suffering from malevolent attacks for many years. In late 2014, a group of terrorists infiltrated a school in Peshawar and brutally massacred over a hundred students. In response, we cracked down on the people responsible.  We did not need to indiscriminately attack an entire region to get rid of possible evil elements, although we often receive evidence of external forces conspiring against our nation.

Therefore, how exactly can you say that we are more dangerous than a superpower such as your country which constantly misuses its power to manhandle the weak nations of the Middle-East and of South Asia.

You also once said, “When will Pakistan apologize to us for providing safe sanctuary to Osama Bin Laden for 6 years?! Some ‘ally’.”

I ask you this: When will the USA apologize for destroying the Middle-East in the name of weapons of mass destruction which were never found? When will the USA apologize for murdering millions of people via a war that was most likely orchestrated by George Bush himself?

I don’t want to change the topic of my article into United States bashing, so I’ll refrain from elaborating on my theories of USA’s role in creating the War in the Middle-East, but I’m sure you get the gist of it.
It is also true that we are armed with nuclear warheads that might be captured by terrorist organizations. I do agree that we certainly need to protect our nuclear arsenal. But, what is your solution to this problem? Improving relations with India as a possible check to us?

I endorse your desire to improve relations with our neighbors, but what exactly are you trying to imply with those words, Mr. Trump?

You compare my nation to North Korea, a nation ruled over by a leader who has built a cult of personality around him, committed human rights violations, broken international laws, threatened countries with nuclear warheads, and has the largest military in the world.

It is true that Pakistan has flaws – Bangladesh, the harboring of Bin Laden, and our current security situation is evidence of that.

But, calling us the ‘most dangerous country in the world’ is offensive, ignorant and, might I add, something which I expect only from Mr. Trump himself.

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  1. davidprosser says:

    I sympathise with your points and add that I know my own county has not been innocent of atrocities brought about by the fake WMD reports. I’m delighted to see Tony Blair a man of the past.
    Most sensible people know that every barrel has some bad apples and that the majority of Muslim people just want to peacefully get on with their lives without the criminals who insult the Muslim faith.
    My hope is that one day we can all get back to our lives but that we can live in friendship despite the many different beliefs in the World.

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  2. Don Royster says:

    As an American, I have to tell you that Donald Trump does not represent the majority of the American people. He doesn’t even represent his own political party, the Republicans. What he does represent is a lot of angry people who want to blame others for all their problems.

    I’ve believed for a very long time that organizations such as al Qaeda and ISIS are cults and do not represent Islam, just like Jim Jones and David Koresh and the Aryan Nation does not represent Christianity. When we blame Islam, it is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Unfortunately these cults attack many more of their own religion than they do of the other religions. That is one way that you can know that they do not represent a religion and are not a toxic sore on that religion.

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