Is Julian Castro a potential running mate for Clinton?

Recently, some media outlets have entertained the prospect of Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio, becoming Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Despite being relatively inexperienced, I think it’s no surprise to see that he’s being seen a contender to join Clinton in what some would find a formidable ticket.

In fact, you need only look at his 2012 DNC speech before you start drawing parallels to a man who spoke 8 years previously at the convention, Barack Obama. Both placed great emphasis on their parents, the rewards of hard work,  and the value of education, stressing that their success story would not be a lone one under their vision. Both indubitably exude the kind of charisma expected of a top politician, (well, not really indubitably, I just felt like using that word and it’s a personal opinion…so there you go) and both were received rapturously by the crowds that they spoke too.

Another point to note is with Republican candidates such as Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush proving popular among Hispanic voters, a Clinton/Castro ticket would definitely appeal to the demographic. A woman and a Hispanic on the same ticket would go to show the new face of an ever changing and diverse America.

However, as briefly mentioned earlier, doubts linger over Castro’s lack of experience on the political scene. It could be argued that Palin was more qualified as VP when she was nominated, and we all know how that turned out.

One thing is certain. Julian Castro is a popular politician who speaks to the many and does not pander to the few. The question is, can his sustained yet short success translate into becoming a VP nominee? Perhaps not yet, but it’s definitely not impossible.

And with that, who even knows what the situation may be in the next four years? Even if Castro may not get to bask in the sunlight this time, the future remains bright for him.

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  1. Olivia Limón Kidd says:

    Castro is level headed, fair, intelligent and so many other things that would take too long to write. But if he runs for VP, I will vote that ticket because one day he will be president. John F. Kennedy may have met his match and I say that with the upmost respect to our former president.

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