Since the launch of Pertinent Problems last year, we’ve managed to gain over 38000 views and 500 comments, with writers from across the globe contributing to the site. The sheer amount of content we have produced and the considerable¬†exposure it’s received is something we’re all happy about. However, with school looming it is unlikely that…

On Hiatus

As of today, all of us here at Pertinent Problems will be taking a break because of looming exams, and so we will only resume as normal by around mid-June. Aditya, on behalf of the Pertinent Problems team.    


Over the past few days, so many milestones have been hit so I’ve decided to just name a few. Over 2,000 total views, which is pretty awesome. 500 views on my recent Corbyn article, which is also awesome. Over 50 WordPress followers, which is…awesome? I’m also getting a lot of comments, which if I’m honest…

A quick notice.

Seeing as I have exams starting in 2 days, I will only resume posting one week from now.  (7th June). Till then, I doubt I will have time to post anything. Just a quick heads up to you all. Adi

Why, hello there!

Dear reader, Welcome to my blog! I really am grateful yet somehow bewildered as to how you’ve stumbled across onto this very obscure crevice on the internet. But hey, I’m not complaining. In fact, I hope that over the course of the next few weeks, you’ll find this blog to serve a purpose; a pertinent…