Pertinent Problems is a news website dedicated to talking about the big issues which face our world today. Initially just a personal blog, since October of 2015 PP has now expanded to host a number of writers who offer unique insights into all things political, as well as a podcast which you can find here.


Aditya Dabral – Editor in Chief and Founder

Oscar Raimes – Deputy Editor

Ishan Gandhi – Writer and Podcast Host

Rishi Hindocha – Writer and Developer

Siavash Minoukadeh – Writer

Zain Rana – Writer

Sahil Shah – Writer

Tom Parkin – Writer

Sarmad Nasarullah – Writer

Oscar Meanwell – Writer

Marcus Foux – Writer

Ben Zombory-Moldovan – Cartoonist

We are always open to feedback; whether it be constructive or destructive, so please do leave a comment telling us what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what else you’d like to see on this website. We’ll be sure to take it on board.

Founded in May of 2015 by Aditya Dabral.

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  1. Don Royster says:

    Thanks for the follow. Really appreciate it.

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    1. Adi says:

      No worries 🙂


  2. Don Royster says:

    I must say I am very surprised to find someone so young to have a better grasp of politics and foreign affairs than most adults I know. 🙂

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  3. Luna Darcy says:

    Hi Adi,

    Thanks for the follow! I hope you are having an awesome day!

    What email address can I use to contact you so I can send you a free download of the ebook I wrote?



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  4. wingedprisms says:

    Wow – you may very well be wise for your years. Very good. Thank you so much for the follow. 😀 Wishing you well……
    cate b

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    1. Adi says:

      Thank you very much. I look forward to reading more of your work!

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  5. booguloo says:

    Would they allow you taking couple classes at a University that doesn’t have requirements or requirements that can be waived. If you like politics it would be a good place. If you want to be into real politics universities… Do what I did. I was selected as the Student Representative to the Board of Trusties. Politics with the Admin, Tenured Professors, The Student Government etc etc etc.
    Something to chew on.

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    1. Adi says:

      I’ll look into it, thanks for the follow! I look forward to reading your stuff too.

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  6. booguloo says:

    I did an opsy. …real politics try the universities.

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  7. theotherjc says:

    Thanks for the follow, much appreciated

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    1. Adi says:

      No worries!


  8. Thanks for your recent ‘Follow’ of my Bricycling Blog.. but that blog is now archived and all the cycling posts are now included in my Blog ‘LifeCycle’ so you should really follow that to get my new posts.. the address is http://www.briangoldsmith.wordpress.com

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  9. Hey nice blog! Needed to contact! Kindly please drop your id on painttheworldwithwords@gmail.com


  10. GP Cox says:

    Pleased to meet you.

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  11. aFrankAngle says:

    Good luck building your new blog.

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  12. Kudos Adi. I admire your passion for politics. Although jaded, I have hope in the US with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders leading the reform.. Thanks for following my blog.
    Blessings, Brad

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  13. yasniger says:

    The inelastic membership of the wealthy only grows within itself, without expanding its tightening borders. It was unfair that the greatest bit of suffering in poor should be mainly caused by the affluent

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    1. I agree that the affluent should be more philanthropic.

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      1. yasniger says:

        So sorry, that wasn’t meant for you but I’m glad you agree with the comment.


      2. No worries haha.

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  14. Thanks for the follow!


  15. Awesome site! Very well written.

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