President’s Message

Hi everyone, I hope you’re well. This is a project undertaken by a few friends and myself. I hope you all will give it a read. Thank you.

KGS Philosophy Society

“Philosophy begins with wonder”.

This simple statement made by Aristotle centuries ago remains the foundational principle that the Karachi Grammar School Philosophy Society is built upon and will hopefully become the foundational principle that this blog will be built upon.

What we invite is not pages upon pages of biographies of philosophical figures, or a philosophical lexicon crafted in gold. What we invite is simply pieces of wonder – thoughts, ideas, paradoxes, contemplations, arguments, poems, drawings, paintings, lyrics whatever it may be.

It is through this platform that we hope to bring about a resurgence in philosophy, an art that has unfortunately been tainted by the disease that is apathy. Have we forgotten that the legendary Allama Iqbal himself was a philosopher? Have we forgotten the integral role of philosophy in the formation and continuous development of countless modern institutions such as the court and the school?

Regrettably, we have…

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