Is it already over for Donald Trump?

The US presidential election is over 11 weeks away, and yet polling and historical preference seem to suggest Donald Trump may have already lost. As the Trump campaign flounders, it appears that Hilary Clinton is building an uncatchable lead in the polls. Trump currently trails in all 11 of the states identified by POLITICO as Electoral College battlegrounds. As POLITICO puts it:

“If all safely Democratic states are allocated to Clinton, plus the seven swing states where her lead is greater than 5 points in POLITICO’s Battleground States polling average (Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin), Clinton would reach 302 electoral votes, 31 more than necessary to win.”

It should also be noted that that doesn’t even take into account states like Georgia and


And its not just a solid lead in the polls that suggests a Clinton victory

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  1. Don Royster says:

    Let’s just hope that Clinton doesn’t take the lead for granted. Trump could still creep up on her. Also it’s possible she can bring back a Democratic majority in the Senate and cut the Republicans majority in the House.


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